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Cloud Computing

TMS Technology

What is cloud computing?  Four different meetings, four different shippers, and four different times this week I was asked this question.

So, I’m thinking this may be a question on some of your minds too. Or, if not now, perhaps it will be soon. Here is a quick replay of this week’s Q&A on cloud computing:

Q: Is cloud computing brand new?

A: No. Read More…

- President, Managed Services
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Measuring Your Carbon Footprint, but What Else?

Supply chain sustainability using TMS
I have been riding my bike to work for the past two weeks. Yep, it’s true. One could say, I’ve turned over a “green” leaf.  I know, bad joke.

Did you know that the average United States driver commutes 29 miles per day for a total of 55 minutes per day? That’s 580 miles a month! (If we assume a 5 day work week). Overall, in the United States 86% percent of people commute to work by car. As staggering as that is, I actually thought that number would be higher. Read More…

- President, Managed Services
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