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Global Shades of Risk

Managing supply chain risk

In these uncertain times how to avoid and/or mitigate risk is attracting a lot of attention. But an aspect that up until now has not been studied in much detail is how managers in different countries perceive and prioritize supply chain risk.

For example in South America political risk is high on corporate agendas. Some countries in the region – Venezuela is a notorious case in point – have a habit of changing the rules of trade unilaterally and without notice. All of a sudden a punishing tariff has been slapped on that raw material you rely on, or the quota system you’ve been using is no longer valid. These unexpected changes can cause supply chain havoc. Read More…

Managing in These Challenging Times

Management and Leadership

In challenging times such as these, successful management and leadership are all about meeting expectations. When many people hear that statement, the first thing that comes to mind is meeting the expectations of upper management. No doubt meeting and exceeding senior management’s expectations is of primary concern in these days of cutbacks, furloughs, layoffs, plant closings and bankruptcies, but these are not the expectations that need our primary focus. Read More…

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Significant Updates to the Federal Maritime Commission

Latest news from FMC

Just before Thanksgiving, the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) placed a news release on their website announcing the Commission’s plans to undertake a comprehensive study of the impact on the U.S. trades as a result of the elimination of shipping conferences by the European Union (EU). 

The release stated, “The FMC Chairman acknowledges the significant impact the global downturn had on ports, carriers and other maritime interests.” Read More…

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