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Archives for February 2010

Deciding What’s Best

Supply chain risk management

Toyota’s product recall agony is providing rich pickings for industry and media pundits, who are mining the saga for insights into the causes of the automaker’s predicament. We will no doubt be regaled with what-went-wrong stories for some time to come, but there is one important lesson that has more to do with the culture of excellence that can affect any company than specific failings at Toyota. The lesson can be summed up in two words: best practices. Read More…

Planning For the Bullwhip Effect

Supply chains and economic recovery

Economists and others in the media are offering varying opinions regarding the speed or shape of the impending recovery. Along those lines, many of our client conversations these days are about when the recovery will take place and what strategies shippers should apply from a transportation management and optimization perspective. Should I think about a bid? Will my current rates last? Do I need to update my TMS rules and associated configuration? What types of conversations should I be having with my carrier partners? Read More…

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