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Kicks for a Cure

Giving back to the community

Did you know that the American Cancer Society indicates if you are a male your chance of developing any type of cancer is 1 in 2? And if you are a female your chances are 1 in 3? These shocking statistics underline the pervasiveness of this terrible disease. If cancer has not already touched your life or someone you know, the chances are that it will. Read More…

- President, Managed Services
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A Roadmap to Successful Transportation Management

Outsourcing TMS

Factors to Consider when Choosing Providers

If you had a forgettable experience when you tried to outsource transportation management or find the idea of relinquishing control of this vital function to an outsider a non-starter, it might be time to think again.

Transportation management solutions have advanced a great deal over recent years. Numerous companies now reap rich performance rewards by using third-party providers to help manage all or part of their freight. Read More…

Advancing the Truckload Procurement Discussion

Gaining fair prices and benefits from carriers

Four strategies for moving beyond “price” and finding “value”

In my recent blog regarding Truckload Procurement Exercises, we reviewed the seemingly counterintuitive idea that buying too low when it comes to carrier rates is a costly strategy. The idea is simple: if carriers are locked into what they perceive are unprofitable (or simply less profitable) rates, they are likely to accept tenders from other shippers with whom they have better rates. As a result, shippers end up dealing with the fallout from route guide leakage — the higher pricing and non-priority service levels they typically get from Tier 2 and 3 carriers. Read More…

- Director of Consulting Services, C.H. Robinson
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Hidden Treasures

Information technology and business performance

There is no denying the pain inflicted by the global financial crisis, but a decade from now this period in our history might be cast in a more favorable light than we imagine. In fact, according to MIT Sloan School of Management economist Professor Erik Brynjolfsson, future generations will see the Great Recession as the Great Restructuring that marked a turning point in the way the U.S. economy works. Read More…