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Measures of Success That Can Win the Performance Game

baselines and benchmarks

What is the difference between a baseline and a benchmark? The answer might seem obvious, but the distinction can get blurred or even lost in the frenetic pursuit of profit and loss goals. When this happens, the consequences go way beyond mere word play. Misconstruing these terms confuses the targeting and measurement of key performance indicators and that leads to poor decisions, sub-par networks, and ultimately disappointing P&L statements. Read More…

Stepping Up to the Onsite Option

Face to face access to your 3PL

In common with many shippers you might have third-party specialists on hand to provide expert advice and help you manage the company’s transportation needs. But are you prepared to go a step further as some shippers have done by transplanting such a team in your office so that it becomes a permanent fixture? Read More…

- Logistics Manager, Ocean Spray Cranberries
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Upwardly Mobile

Increasing mobility

As the recent launch of Apple’s iPhone 4 underlines, cell phones continue to morph into communications hubs with a seemingly limitless range of applications. While the supply chain corner of this expanding universe might appear dull alongside the Retina displays and LED flash cameras that color the consumer domain, the transformative potential of mobile technology in this area is no less exciting. Read More…

How To Maintain Enduring Carrier Partnerships

Managing capacity provider relationships

There are countless ways in which relationships between shippers and carriers can be thrown off track, so not have having a formal program for managing such partnerships seems almost like inviting disaster.

The first blog in this two-part series (see the Get an Start Early on Carrier Management blog) looked at how shippers need to start creating these programs when they are selecting the carriers they want to do business with. This second blog considers the ongoing challenges shippers face when they are working with the carriers that captured their business. Read More…

- Vice President, Customer Strategy, C.H. Robinson
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