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Are You on Speaking Terms with S&OP?

Sales and operations planning and transportation

As a transportation manager, what do you typically contribute to Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) group discussions? If you don’t have a seat at this particular table (the more likely case) what would you like to say at these meetings?

In general terms, the function of S&OP groups is to set manufacturing volumes to meet the company’s sales targets and overall business goals. Representatives from finance, manufacturing, marketing, sales and supply chain thrash out consensus demand forecasts and try to match these with supply as closely as possible. Read More…

Building a Pipeline for Talent

Recruiting supply chain talent

How to recruit and retain supply chain talent might not seem like a pressing problem in a sputtering economy that is struggling to create enough jobs, but enlightened companies are thinking about these issues for good reason. First, enterprises were fretting about shortages of supply chain talent before the economic crisis hit, and these issues are once again on their radar screens. Second, the global economic crisis put a damper on the jobs market, and this has created pent-up demand for new career challenges as businesses make the transition from survival to growth. Read More…