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What Are the Weak Links in Your Global Supply Chain?

Supporting global markets

I met with three different customers this week, and all three wanted to talk about the same thing –global supply chains.
These shippers represented different industries yet shared the same concerns about the challenges of building and managing supply chains that support global markets. I am wondering how many of you feel the same way. Read More…

- President, Managed Services
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Transportation’s Next Iteration of SaaS

Software as a Service and Software Plus Services

Software as a service (SaaS) is an integral part of advanced transportation management systems (TMS) and is largely viewed as providing the greatest time to value. But as often happens when an innovative technology becomes widely adopted users’ expectations rise a notch opening the way for further refinements (see diagram). In this case the next step forward is software plus services; a combination of SaaS and dedicated support teams that is designed to meet the changing needs of transportation managers.  Read More…

What is a Core Carrier Program?

Mutually agreed performance and price commitments

The term “core carrier” is used widely in the freight industry, but the way it’s used is not consistent. The definition can vary from company to company. It can even be argued that very few companies have developed a true core carrier program that is aligned with strategy and built on best practices.

Adding to the confusion is the absence of a standard template for managing this specific relationship between a carrier and a shipper. Yet, core carrier programs have a profound influence on network efficiency.

Given these inconsistencies, let’s take a deeper dive into the core carrier concept.  Read More…

- Vice President, Customer Strategy, C.H. Robinson
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Keeping Freight Budgets on Track

Budgeting for transportation

In last week’s Managed TMS blog (Avoiding the Two-Year Contract Pitfall), Kevin McCarthy explained how unpredictable freight rates can make it difficult for shippers to maintain long-term contracts with carriers. This week, we take a look at one of the unwanted outcomes of carriers jumping ship in a volatile market: unforeseen budget variances. Read More…

- Logistics Manager, Ocean Spray Cranberries
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Avoiding the Two Year Carrier Contract Pitfall

Carrier Strategic Procurement Alignment

In my previous blog, I described the many factors that influence the movement of full truckload freight rates, and showed how historical data indicates that over time rates are headed north. In this second piece, I’d like to offer some insights into how often carrier contracts should be reviewed in light of the market’s inherent unpredictability.  Read More…

- Director of Consulting Services, C.H. Robinson
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