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Are You Asking the Right People Questions?

Human resource questions to ask when buying a TMS

Last week, Elizabeth described how people processes and strategy are aligned at TMC, and the huge value we place on the talented individuals who define our organization (see the Technology is Important, but What About the People? blog, 18 November 2010). She also made the point that clients do not usually vet our workforce with the same rigor that they evaluate our technology. In this week’s blog, I’d like to take this point further by looking at what human resources questions buyers of transportation management systems (TMS) technology should be asking as part of their due diligence.  Read More…

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Technology is Important, But What About the People?

Organizations are defined by their workforces

Since I began my career at TMC years ago, I’ve watched the logistics universe become much more complicated. Yes, I work within our human resources group, but I spend a tremendous amount of time talking to our clients about their objectives and how we can support their people needs. Over the years, I’ve noticed that central to clients’ procurement practices is vetting our technology to the utmost level, but it’s the rare that clients assess our HR processes with the same level of granularity. There is no question that technology is important, but what about the people behind these systems? I would argue – and in talking with most of our customers I think they would agree – that organizations are defined by their workforces.  Read More…

A Green Light for Learning

TMC's Client Forum Recap

“When you stop learning, you stop leading,” and there is no better way to avoid such paralysis than to get involved in an interactive community of your peers. That was the main purpose of TMC’s client forum held in Chicago on November 2nd, 2010. The result was a remarkable exchange of views and experiences.

Keynote speaker Adrian Gonzalez, Director, Logistics Viewpoints, at research firm ARC Advisory Group, set the tone with the above quote and some thought-provoking ideas on where the freight industry is headed. The discussions that followed between shippers from various industries answered a lot of questions and raised many new ones as the participants delved into performance issues and tried to plot a future course for the forum.  Read More…

- President, Managed Services
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