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Control Tower for Freight Management Catches the Global Train

Global supply chains and transportation management systems

When companies build global supply chains they often leave one crucial piece out of the puzzle: transportation management systems (TMS). Freight transportation can be managed tactically at the local level, but every decision should be driven by a global strategy. Many companies are taking a “control tower” approach to freight management, either developing the capabilities in-house or working with a logistics service provider. For companies that choose to work with a logistics provider, we are continuing the global rollout of our Managed TMS service with the most recent launch of a control tower operations center in Mumbai, India.  Read More…

Takes on Tomorrow

The future of supply chain

‘Tis the peak season for predictions, with experts from every quarter reading the runes about what lies ahead in the next year.  So, let’s slip into prophesy mode with some thoughts on the future of supply chain over the next decade or so.

The most visible shape of things to come is almost certainly on or near your person right now: a mobile device such as a cell phone. I talked to a senior supply chain executive from a leading fashion apparel firm recently about future trends, and mobile communications is his leading game changer. Read More…

Don’t Let the Hype Eclipse the Cloud

Transportation Management System technology

A year or so ago, we were getting a lot of questions about cloud computing.  What is it? What are the benefits? Why is it a best practice? Today, some of you are asking the same questions…. But more than that, how many of you are just sick of all the commercials keying cloud computing?

In October 2009, I posted a blog eloquently titled “Cloud Computing” (notice the sarcasm?) to address everyone’s questions. Today, annoying commercials or not, I think the overwhelming prevalence of these ads really just underscore that this topic is as relevant as ever. Read More…

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