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Turning Tacticians into Strategists

analytical task of TMS

As I explained in a previous post (Getting the Most Out of TMS, April 01, 2011), shippers that elevate their transportation management systems (TMS) from tactical to strategic solutions tend to get the most value out of the technology. But making the transition involves more than a mission statement; it requires a level of expertise that tactical personnel often do not possess.  Read More…

Standards Without the Red Tape

Greening of supply chains

A common complaint from time-constrained managers is that they have to comply with too many standards. But an area where there is a strong case for more standardization is in the greening of supply chains.

Supply chain sustainability projects are growing in number and scope. As part of these projects suppliers are expected to provide data on their environmental performance. When multiple customers demand these facts and figures the burden on suppliers can become overwhelming.  Read More…

Are You Ready for a Smarter Supply Chain?

Competing in demanding global markets

In order to compete effectively in demanding global markets, shippers are looking for more creative supply chain solutions from third-party service providers. While logistics outsource providers are rising to the challenge with innovative service packages, shippers need to be open to the kind of change that can take supply chains to much higher levels of efficiency. Building the necessary level of alignment to effectively manage change within a shipper’s organization is critical to taking a more holistic approach to global supply chain challenges.  Read More…

Lessons From Japan

supply chain disaster management

Images of the devastating tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011, are still fresh, and will continue to shock us for many years to come.   The daily challenges of managing supply chains seem insignificant alongside the aftermath of this terrible disaster, but as the recovery effort progresses we can begin to draw some lessons from the experience.  Read More…

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