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Leveling the Surcharge Playing Field

fuel surcharge program

Is it possible to create a fuel surcharge program that is consistently fair to shippers and carriers?

As we have seen over recent months, the cost of motor vehicle fuel is a national preoccupation. Perhaps this is one reason why rising prices at the pump, and mechanisms such as fuel surcharges that are designed to spread the pain between shippers and service providers equably, attract so much attention. Read More…

- Director of Consulting Services, C.H. Robinson
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Grounded in the Cloud

Cloud computing technology

The benefits of cloud computing receive a lot of hype, but sometimes to appreciate the real power of the technology you have to experience it yourself. Recently, I sat in on one of our client’s business reviews along with one of their core carriers. In the meeting, I witnessed a really practical and meaningful application of cloud computing.

Generally speaking, carrier performance reviews is a commonly adopted best practice amongst shippers. I can recall a time when these events occurred less often. Today, the review routine has become widely accepted as companies strive to maintain and improve the performance of their freight networks. Also, the discussions tend to be more detailed than in the past, and often involve a careful assessment of a performance metrics.  Read More…

Capturing the Hidden Value of TMS Solutions: Part 2

Integrate and improve with a Transportation management system

Companies that invest in transportation management systems (TMS) generally know what operational paybacks they can expect. But leading edge TMS technology also delivers less obvious returns during the implementation stage, particularly for organizations that are well prepared to actively participate in the project. Read More…

- Director, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)
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Capturing the Hidden Value of TMS Solutions: Part 1

Transportation Management System benefits

Technology implementations tend not to be the favorite items on managers’ to-do lists. But transportation management system (TMS) projects should be the exception. These implementations provide unique opportunities to achieve improvements that were not previously on the company’s radar screen, or in the purview of transportation.   Read More…