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Unexplored Territory in the Globalization Map

International freight transportation

The need to expand globally is almost a given in most markets, and from a supply chain perspective it now comes as no surprise that international growth exposes operations to more risk. Does this mean that we have been pursuing globalization for so long that it no longer holds any surprises? The answer, of course, is no, particularly in areas such as freight transportation.

Consulting firm McKinsey maintains that a “globalization penalty” remains a less obvious challenge in the global arena[1]. Using data on some 500 corporations, the firm identified 20 local leaders and 18 global leaders and compared them on elements of organizational health. Read More…

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Have You Asked the Technology Ownership Question?

Who owns the technology that runs your TMS

Who owns the technology that runs your transportation management system (TMS) and helps you stay competitive?

It’s a question that can easily slip off your checklist, much like questions about human resources described in the past blog post Are You Asking the Right People Questions? And just as personnel capabilities can have a profound impact on the effectiveness of a TMS, technology ownership issues can also influence system performance.

Here are two good reasons why.  Read More…

Get Your Just Rewards by Teaching Truckload

Being educated on truckload

Are you surprised by how regularly you have to educate people on the dynamics of a truckload market? We often see many shippers spending time educating their internal constituents on the subject. This dynamic isn’t new, but it can still be more than frustrating; it can throw a transportation management strategy off track.  Read More…