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Single-Minded Procurement Losing Ground in Europe

Losing Ground in Europe

During tough economic times, long established practices tend to come under scrutiny as companies search for ways to gain a competitive edge. This is one reason why freight managers in Europe are reviewing a practice that has been part of their industry for many years: allocating all the cargo in a lane or other operational areas to a single carrier.

Another approach is to employ multiple carriers in each lane to mitigate risks such as an unexpected capacity shortfall. This alternative strategy appears to be gradually gaining ground in Europe. Read More…

Baring It All. Well, Sort Of.


I have a friend that I see most every weekend. He typically asks me about my work week. I am not completely convinced he really cares about my week. I think really it’s his way of politely telling me he’d like to talk about his own week.

This weekend, however, was a little different. We talked about TMC’s annual Client Forum held last week in Chicago and, I must say, he really struggled to wrap his head around it. The conversation went a little something like this:  Read More…

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