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Four Ways to Build Successful Onsite Relationships

onsite relationships

Outsourcing arrangements come in many shapes and sizes, and one that has gained ground over recent years is where the service provider’s team is physically based in the client firm’s offices. As well as offering the traditional benefits of outsourcing, onsite teams promote a close affiliation between the two organizations. But the participants must lay the groundwork first if both parties are to derive maximum value from these relationships. Read More…

Swimming Against the Congestion Current


If we could eavesdrop on the freight industry’s water cooler conversations the chances are that we’d hear a lot about traffic congestion. Transportation managers deal with it and talk about it all the time, yet there is one vital aspect of this topic that they tend to overlook: how trucks idled by traffic snarls work against the fuel efficiencies that the industry is working hard to achieve.

More awareness of this conflict and the associated costs might help to persuade the industry to address infrastructure investment needs that are at the root of these delays.  Read More…

- Director, Government Affairs, C.H. Robinson
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Depth of Tender Can Be a Telling Network Health Check


There are many ways to check the pulse of a transportation network. One of these vital signs is depth of tender, which, with the right analytics, can reveal much about the wellbeing of your network.

Some leading transportation management systems (TMS) support the routing guide on several levels. Take, for example a situation where for some reason your primary providers are unable to accept a load. A TMS-based spot bid tool will send out a notification to a preset carrier base that the business is available, and that you are requesting rates for the load. Another example is the need to locate capacity for a short-lead shipment. The usual approach to finding a provider by cascading the tender through the carriers in your routing guide is often too limiting in these situations. The TMS helps you to secure capacity quickly by alerting all carriers that an urgent shipment is up for grabs.  Read More…