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Fresh Procurement Insights from Stale Rates Study


Should your freight business be put out to bid regularly or on an ad hoc basis? There are arguments for and against both approaches but not much in the way of hard data – until now.

Some new market research provides much needed facts and figures on this long running industry debate, and the findings clearly favor the “regular” strategy in the form of significant cost savings and network efficiencies.  Read More…

Blueprint for a Truly Global TMS


Since we started blogging more than a year ago about the transportation management system (TMS) that gives shippers global control of their freight operations (Control Tower®for Freight Management Catches the Global Train), the concept has gained a lot of traction. So it’s timely to take a step back and consider what it takes to create this fast-growing class of TMS product.

These systems, which include our own Control Tower® solution, manage global supply chain networks. They execute tactical operations and provide the visibility and information needed to lower costs, raise efficiency, and elevate the overall management of these networks to a more strategic level. Read More…

The Many Facets of India


In the city of Pune, India, there are factories as modern and sophisticated as any you will find in Europe or the U.S., but to get to them you have to navigate a one-lane dirt road traveled by water buffalo, large masses of people, and other vehicles. Sometimes the bridge to these factories is underwater during the monsoon season.

I found contrasts like these everywhere during a recent trip to India, and they say as much about the challenges of globalization as the country itself. Read More…

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How to Track Spot Bids in a Transportation Management System (TMS)

Spot Bids

Shippers often buy freight transportation on the spot market as a last resort when they have exhausted all of their route guide options or capacity is in short supply. Does that mean that these movements can’t be tracked and managed in much the same way that more regular shipments are managed?  The answer is no – particularly if you are using a comprehensive transportation management system (TMS). Read More…

The Global Control Tower® Enables Compliance

Control Towers

The need to manage cargo movements worldwide is driving the adoption of the combination of global TMS technology and managed services. Freight professionals appreciate the operational advantages of a transportation management system (TMS) with an international reach, but there are important benefits in an area they are often less familiar with: trade compliance and taxation. We explained these benefits in the World Trade 100 webinar The Global Control Tower – Managing Your Global Supply Chain.

As we have discussed before (see Five Features that Define a Global TMS), a Global Control Tower enables shippers to manage transportation globally and locally. The same principle applies when it comes to complying with customs regulations and tax policies worldwide.
Read More…