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Divided By a Common Language


They are old trading partners but when it comes to freight transportation Europe and the United States can be worlds apart. To be sure, there are many similarities. The Great Recession struck both sides of the Atlantic creating carrier capacity surpluses that drove down freight rates. Now, as the recessionary tide recedes, rates are recovering and there is less excess capacity. Metrics such as fill rates, on-time delivery and cost are equally as important on both sides of the Pond. Read More…

Hot Off the Press


It is difficult to keep pace with technological change, particularly where the relevance of a technology to the logistics business is not immediately obvious. To help you track developments like these we are introducing a series of posts on new technologies, starting with this piece on 3D printing by guest blogger, Ken Cottrill. 

The project team at a US-based fashion apparel company has received approval for the digital design of a new multicolored shoe for women the enterprise plans to launch. At the press of a key, the design data is fed to a 3D printer that begins to “print” a prototype shoe. Simultaneously, a supplier’s 3D printer in China starts the same process. Later that day, the team calls its Chinese supplier to discuss the finished prototype and production of the stylish new model.  Read More…

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Three Ways to Avoid the Expedited Expense

Expedite Expense

There are times when shipments have to be expedited, and shippers are well aware that there is a price to pay for these last minute loads. But it is easy to overlook the total cost of expediting – and the measures you can take to avoid this added transportation expense.

Perhaps your primary customer genuinely needs a truckload of product the next day, or one of your customer service representatives has been pressured into making a rash delivery promise. Either way, you will go the extra mile to meet the deadline. But what is the true cost of this expedited move? Here are some costs – some obvious, others less visible – that organizations can incur. Read More…

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Choose a TMS Provider in Your Quest for an Efficient Supply Chain


A global transportation management system (TMS) can track the performance of a worldwide logistics network in accordance with lean supply chain principles. Why, then, are TMS service providers not usually one of the strategic providers that manufacturers recruit to help them capture the competitive advantages of global lean operations?  Read More…