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TMS Managed Services Advancing as Expected. What’s Next?


Predicting industry trends is a risky business, and it’s gratifying when your view of the future turns out to be on track. In their most recent analysis of the transportation management systems (TMS) market[i], ARC Advisory Group introduces managed services as a growing product category. ARC also pays particular attention to software as a service (Saas)-based TMS models. We flagged these developments as the next phase in the evolution of transportation management services some two years ago. Read More…

Cutting the Cord


We field a lot of questions on where technology is going. Some of the questions directly relate to global transportation management or logistics. Others relate to technologies that will change the way we live and work. This update is one of those.  Ever heard of resonant energy transfer?  Probably not… but soon we may all reap the benefits of this technology.  Give this a quick read and share your thoughts with us.  Read More…

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Change Management Issues Slowing you Down?


As we emphasize in our “Get There Faster” TMC tag line, a transportation management system (TMS) can provide a quick route to achieving your business goals (see A New Fast Lane for Freight Management). But a speed bump that many organizations encounter is behavioral change issues; attitudinal resistance to a new TMS solution. Removing this obstacle before you get into the implementation phase shortens the journey to success. Read More…

- Business Development Manager