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The Shifting Energy Outlook


The future of oil may be different than you think.

With all the discussions of Superstorm Sandy, the elections, and the fiscal cliff, one of the stories getting less press is the future of oil. There has been a dramatic and, for some people, an unexpected change. Experts now predict that the US will surpass Saudi Arabia as the leading producer of oil by 2020.

Surprised? How can this be?  Read More…

Superstorm Sandy: A Grim Reminder That Supply Chain Resiliency is a Top Priority

Hurricane Sandy

Last week, I was fortunate enough to speak at the Evergreen Packaging Carrier Conference – a world class event with great people, I might add.  One of the topics we talked about was risk management and scenario planning. I endeavored to make the point that all too often risk management was overly focused on legal or compliance scenarios. How do I ensure we don’t get sued? How do I make sure we are compliant? These are very important questions, but the definition for risk management is much broader. I like the way APICS approaches the definition: Read More…

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Ten Factors to Make the Most of Your Managed Services RFP


Although managed services solutions are gaining ground, we find that many shippers are still unsure about how to go about sourcing this class of transportation management system (TMS).  Managed services solutions offer TMS technology combined with personnel—seasoned transportation experts adept at getting the most out of a TMS.  Finding a provider that has both the technical capabilities and expertise – as well as aligns with your organizational culture and strategy – can seem like a daunting undertaking.   Read More…