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Logistics Lessons from the Eurozone Crisis

Logistics lessons

The Eurozone crisis continues to ripple through the world’s economies, but what are the supply chain management implications of Europe’s financial difficulties?

Companies that do business in Europe have already experienced the fallout of the crisis. But even if you are not active in the region it is wise to be aware of its impact on global supply chains.

Here are some on-the-ground observations. Read More…

- Strategic Sales Executive
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Guest Post: Learning to Partner with Academia


Whether it’s a burning question that needs to be answered or a gap in your knowledge that has the potential to yield some valuable insights, taking the time to do the research – assuming you have the right resources – is often a tall order. Partnering with academia is one way to get the work done. But how can you make sure that your academic partners will deliver?

There are no standard rules for such engagements, and projects vary widely in terms of their scope, subject matter, and goals. Read More…

- Executive Director, Supply Chain Management Program, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics
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