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Should Small Shippers Deprive Themselves of TMS Technology?

Supply Chain Technology

Only large, high-volume shippers with complex freight networks need to invest in a transportation management system (TMS). This is a familiar argument in the logistics industry, but does it hold water?

The answer is yes and no, although the argument is moving more towards the “no” end of the spectrum. Let me explain why.

First, it is true that some small and medium-sized shippers can’t justify a TMS investment. They move relatively few loads infrequently, and don’t need the support of a sophisticated management system. For these players managing the route guide on a spreadsheet and manually sending load tenders, for example, works perfectly well. Read More…

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Logistics Can Help You Shape Your Value Chain

Supply Chain Technology

Some say we are in the digital age and others term it the knowledge economy. Either way, it’s clear that businesses that ignore the rapidly changing marketplace risk being replaced by a competitor with a disruptive technology or by an upstream supplier. So when you consider your business among the suppliers in your value chain, how do you retain the most value? Read More…

Adding a Global Dimension to the TMS Learning Experience

International Transportation management system

In a recent post (Discovering Your Hidden Talents as a TMS User) I explored the three learning stages that shippers go through to become accomplished users of transportation management systems (TMS). In this post we look at how the demands of managing multi-country freight networks can shape the learning process.

Many experienced multinational players apply their TMS skills to the management of cross-border freight flows without too much difficulty.

But organizations that are less experienced in the global arena, and those that are not set up to manage globally even though they ship product across national borders, find the transition more challenging. Read More…

- Key Account Manager for TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson
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