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Concerned about America’s Run-Down Roads? Check Out Brazil

brazil-infrastructureFixing the country’s crumbling transportation infrastructure continues to be a hot topic both nationally and within the logistics industry in the United States. But seemingly insoluble infrastructure issues are not just a problem here; in Brazil, for example, worries over limited and underfunded road systems are just as acute, albeit from different perspectives.

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Supply Chains Still Have to Make the Human Connection


It can be difficult to assimilate the sheer number of new technologies and trends that are reshaping supply chains. And as we struggle to keep pace with these innovations, the importance of the human element can be overlooked. Yet the performance of people and how they interrelate remain critical, perhaps more than ever, to the performance of supply chains. Read More…

Expect the Unexpected: Planning Supply Chain Contingencies for Unpredictable Events

TMS Ports

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally posted in January 2015. We’re sharing this post again because it is still a relevant topic.

Last week we explored ways to prepare for supply chain disruptions that are predictable using the rich functionality of modern transportation management system (TMS) technology. In this week’s post, we explore what is, in many ways, a tougher challenge: planning for unexpected disruptions.

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Logistics Careers Are Built on Relationships


Supply chain management is more data-driven than ever, and while we should be excited about the technological advances that are changing the function, let’s not lose sight of the critical role that relationship building plays in the profession’s success.

Building and maintaining robust working relationships with customers has always been a foundational skill in logistics, and it still is.

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- Senior Manager, Customer Relations