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Chris O'Brien — Senior Vice President

Chris O'Brien joined C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. in 1993 and became senior vice president in May 2012. Previous positions with the company include vice president, manager of the Raleigh, North Carolina branch as well as the general manager and later president of the company's European division.

What’s Missing in Your Total Landed Cost

landed cost

Editor’s Note: In 2012, Chris O’Brien contributed a blog post for C.H. Robinson Blog. We’re sharing his original post here because total landed cost discussions are always relevant topics.

From what we’ve seen, it is rare that a company knows their true total landed cost (TLC) for each item they produce and deliver. There’s a reason for this. For most companies, there are many costs in hiding. And unless you hunt down and include those hidden costs in your TLC calculations, you’re basing supply chain decisions on incomplete data. Read More…