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What is the Shelf Life of a Freight Rate?

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Lots of things deteriorate with time, the freshness of food, athletic performance, and human memory, for example. And according to research sponsored by C. H. Robinson and carried out by the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems, Iowa State University, another item can be added to the list: truck load (TL) freight rates.

The research, described in a recently published white paper, looked at rate information on contract TL loads hauled 250 miles or more and tendered during the years 2008 to 2010. The data cover about 700,000 records in all. Every move was processed by the same transportation management system to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison in the analysis. Read More…

Fresh Procurement Insights from Stale Rates Study


Should your freight business be put out to bid regularly or on an ad hoc basis? There are arguments for and against both approaches but not much in the way of hard data – until now.

Some new market research provides much needed facts and figures on this long running industry debate, and the findings clearly favor the “regular” strategy in the form of significant cost savings and network efficiencies.  Read More…

Depth of Tender Can Be a Telling Network Health Check


There are many ways to check the pulse of a transportation network. One of these vital signs is depth of tender, which, with the right analytics, can reveal much about the wellbeing of your network.

Some leading transportation management systems (TMS) support the routing guide on several levels. Take, for example a situation where for some reason your primary providers are unable to accept a load. A TMS-based spot bid tool will send out a notification to a preset carrier base that the business is available, and that you are requesting rates for the load. Another example is the need to locate capacity for a short-lead shipment. The usual approach to finding a provider by cascading the tender through the carriers in your routing guide is often too limiting in these situations. The TMS helps you to secure capacity quickly by alerting all carriers that an urgent shipment is up for grabs.  Read More…