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James Greer — Customer Relations Manager, TMC

James brings nearly 20 years of logistics and supply chain experience to TMC. In his role as a customer relations manager, he works with customers to identify and execute supply chain process improvements. He is responsible for driving customer satisfaction through meeting client goals, associated KPI’s and executing core processes to ensure the successful delivery of customer initiatives.

4 Tips to Ensure the Upcoming Eclipse Doesn’t Leave Your Supply Chain in the Dark

solar_eclipseFrom hurricanes to cyber-attacks, supply chain managers have to anticipate and manage the impacts of unplanned disruptions. While most disruptions occur without warning, sometimes shippers and logistics providers do have an opportunity to see one coming and plan accordingly.

Such is the case for the solar eclipse that will occur across the United States next week. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), this rare occurrence has the potential to impact millions of truck drivers, especially those moving freight across or within the 14 states that are in the path of totality. Read More…

- Customer Relations Manager, TMC

Truck Drivers: A Vital Link Keeping Our World and Supply Chains Moving

Truck Drivers: A Vital Link Keeping Our World and Supply Chains Moving

Truck Driver Appreciation

This week is an extra special week within the supply chain community. September 11-17 is Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which is an annual initiative to celebrate and send special thanks to all of the professional truck drivers for the hard work they do each and every day.
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- Customer Relations Manager, TMC