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Jeff Kamperschroer — Director, Customer Relations

Jeff serves as director of customer relations for TMC. He’s responsible for customer relationship management, strategic alignment, and development of account management talent within TMC to support our customers worldwide. Prior to joining TMC, he served as manager of strategic accounts within the C.H. Robinson sourcing division, Robinson Fresh®, overseeing customer relationships primarily in the retail vertical. Jeff graduated with a BBA in General Management from the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire and is an avid runner, cyclist, and golfer.

Supply Chains Still Have to Make the Human Connection


It can be difficult to assimilate the sheer number of new technologies and trends that are reshaping supply chains. And as we struggle to keep pace with these innovations, the importance of the human element can be overlooked. Yet the performance of people and how they interrelate remain critical, perhaps more than ever, to the performance of supply chains. Read More…

8 Reasons to Leverage the Strategic Power of a TMS

8 Reasons to Leverage the Strategic Power of a TMS

8 reasons to leverage strategic power of tms

As a number of market leaders have shown over recent years, modern supply chains are much more than delivery channels for products.

Today, ultra-efficient, innovative supply chains are an integral part of the competitive strategies that differentiate many successful companies in the marketplace.

Transportation management system (TMS) technology can play an important role in supporting these strategies. And as the technology continues to advance, its strategic potential can only increase. Read More…

8 Ways to Identify Providers That Make it Their Business to Stay Aligned

How do service providers keep pace with customers that are constantly on the move? This must surely be one of the toughest challenges facing suppliers in today’s unpredictable business environment.

The answer, of course, is that service providers must understand where their customers are headed and change accordingly to stay in alignment.

A recent course change TMC has made is to create my new role – Director of Customer Relations. The role has three main areas of focus: to ensure that the appropriate customer relationships as well as the required support are in place, to make certain that we stay aligned with customers’ evolutionary paths, and to help maintain and develop our account management talent. Read More…