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Jen Theisen — Regional Sales Director

Jen serves as regional sales director at C.H. Robinson. She has transformed the implementation team into a true consulting service that benefits customers of both C.H. Robinson and TMC. Since joining C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. in 1998 and becoming a part of the TMC team in 2004, Jen has served in a variety of roles including business development, operations management, and strategic account management. Jen has a B.A. and MBA from Indiana University.

Five TMS Change Management Queries that Every RFP Must Address

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When issuing a request for proposal (RFP) for a transportation management system (TMS), shippers often overlook implementation/change management issues that are critical to the project’s success. Last week’s blog post, “The Glaring Information Gap in RFPs,” explained why these challenges need to be addressed in RFPs. The focus of this post is on the types of RFP questions that shippers can ask in order to elicit vital feedback on TMS change management challenges.

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The Glaring Information Gap in RFPs

strategic onsite employees

A request for proposal (RFP) for a transportation management system (TMS) typically includes probing questions about providers’ capabilities and the technical specifications of the systems they offer.

But there is one area that tends to escape scrutiny in RFPs, even though it is vital to the success of every TMS project: Strategies for implementation and change management.

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Exceptions That Prove the Importance of Succession Planning

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Key to the success of an outsourced transportation management system (TMS) relationship is how much the provider manager responsible for the account knows about your business. Also important – but less obvious – is the availability of a backup manager who is also familiar with the nuances of your account. Such is the increasing complexity of freight networks that having a knowledgeable account manager is no longer enough; shippers also need to be reassured that there is an operations person who can step up to the plate and take over your account should the primary contact be unavailable. Read More…