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Jen Theisen — Regional Sales Director

Jen serves as regional sales director at C.H. Robinson. She has transformed the implementation team into a true consulting service that benefits customers of both C.H. Robinson and TMC. Since joining C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. in 1998 and becoming a part of the TMC team in 2004, Jen has served in a variety of roles including business development, operations management, and strategic account management. Jen has a B.A. and MBA from Indiana University.

This Week’s Special Offer: Better Promotions


In our previous post (Making the Sales Surge Connection ), we explored transportation-related problems that can unseat special retailing events such as seasonal sales, promotions, and product launches. In this post we offer some suggestions for improving this critical link in the sales push supply chain.

Since a lack of communication is often at the heart of problems like these, one solution is to include transportation in the planning loop. This might sound obvious, but all too often freight management issues are overlooked during the preparatory stages of a sales event. Read More…

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Making the Sales Surge Connection


With a record-setting holiday buying season in its rear view mirror, what has the freight transportation industry learned about the challenges of supporting special sales events such as seasonal demand peaks, product launches, and promotional campaigns?

In this post, we take a look at the pitfalls that shippers and service providers face when planning for these spikes in demand. Next week, we’ll offer some strategies for avoiding missteps that cause lost sales and frustrated customers. Read More…