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Jillian Trefilek — Manager, Implementations

As manager of implementations, Jillian leads teams of process engineers focused on TMS implementations, process improvement, change management, and transportation consulting services. Having implemented customers all over the world, Jillian holds a wealth of experience regarding different processes and the creation of best practices across operations and consulting. She’s a graduate of Ohio State University and is a diehard fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes.

10 Strategic Targets TMS Users Should Have in Their Sights

Leveraging internal and third party expertise and transportation management system technology
In an outsourced solution that combines a transportation management system (TMS) with the expertise of a third-party team, the provider takes on much of the tactical burden associated with running the freight network. This frees up the client company to concentrate on strategic initiatives.

Shippers must decide what to do with their newfound freedom. Which strategic challenges should be tackled? Read More…