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Matt Harvey — Business Analyst, C.H. Robinson

Matt began his career with C.H. Robinson in 2004 and during his time, has obtained transportation experience in a multitude of industry verticals. Matt received his B.S. from Miami University.

Three Ways to Avoid the Expedited Expense

Expedite Expense

There are times when shipments have to be expedited, and shippers are well aware that there is a price to pay for these last minute loads. But it is easy to overlook the total cost of expediting – and the measures you can take to avoid this added transportation expense.

Perhaps your primary customer genuinely needs a truckload of product the next day, or one of your customer service representatives has been pressured into making a rash delivery promise. Either way, you will go the extra mile to meet the deadline. But what is the true cost of this expedited move? Here are some costs – some obvious, others less visible – that organizations can incur. Read More…

- Business Analyst, C.H. Robinson
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Why You Should Invite Clients to the TMS Table

TMS Table

When implementing a transportation management system (TMS) a lot of time and effort goes into making sure that every party with an interest in the system is represented at the table. But there is one group that is easily overlooked even though they can play a key role in the success of the TMS: clients.

Briefing your clients on the new system’s capabilities and processes, and eliciting their feedback early on, can pay huge dividends when it comes to implementing the technology. Read More…