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Matthew Russett — On-Site Account Manager

Matt Russett is an On-Site Account Manager for TMC a Division of C.H. Robinson. Matt has been with C.H. Robinson for 10 years and joined the TMC team in 2010. Performing various roles within CHR IT, CHR LTL, and on 2 Top 25 Customer accounts he has obtained a well-rounded wealth of experience with heavy focuses in analytics, modeling, and innovative problem solving. In his current role, Matt leads a strong operational team in Chicago while providing a strategic on-site presence at the client’s headquarters in Seattle, WA.

Remove Your Performance Blinders with TMS-Powered Metrics

Remove Your Performance Blinders with TMS-Powered Metrics

TMS Powered Metrics

Key metrics can be much more than one-dimensional indictors of how a network is performing. In combination with the analytical power of modern transportation management system (TMS) technology, a key metric can be the first line in a multi-layered story about the issues that are hurting the efficiency of your freight network.

If you’re not using these indicators to their full potential, your view of network performance is almost certainly restricted. Read More…