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Taylor Nicks — Director, Business Development

Taylor serves as Director, Business Development for TMC. With over 15 years of logistics experience in operations, account management, and sales, Taylor is focused on building progressive business solutions to clients. Prior to his role at TMC, Taylor lead C.H. Robinson's ChemSolutions division focused on building chemical and bulk tanker solutions for customers. Taylor holds a degree from DePaul University.

TMS-Enabled Omnichannel Supply Chains Gearing Up for the Peak Season Challenge

TMS-Enabled Omnichannel Supply Chains Gearing Up for the Peak Season Challenge.Connect


The 2016 holiday shopping season is expected to deliver increased sales volumes—and new challenges for retailers as they continue to develop omnichannel supply chain models in response to changing consumer buying patterns.
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How Omnichannel Retailing Buys into TMS Technology

OmnichannelBlogThe 2015 peak holiday season highlighted changes that are transforming the retail industry. It also shed light on the key role that transportation management system (TMS) solutions play in helping retailers respond and adapt to the emerging industry landscape.
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A Roadmap to Successful Transportation Management

Outsourcing TMS

Factors to Consider when Choosing Providers

If you had a forgettable experience when you tried to outsource transportation management or find the idea of relinquishing control of this vital function to an outsider a non-starter, it might be time to think again.

Transportation management solutions have advanced a great deal over recent years. Numerous companies now reap rich performance rewards by using third-party providers to help manage all or part of their freight. Read More…