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Walker Sprinkle — Business Development Manager

Walker Sprinkle is a business development manager for TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson. Walker has been working with customers in Food & Beverage, Manufacturing and Automotive verticals since joining the company in 2004. He has served in a variety of roles ranging from operations management to network engineering and also has onsite experience working from a customer’s corporate headquarters for multiple years.

How to Select an Effective TMS Technology Solution for Your Multichannel Supply Chain

The digital transformation of supply chains is well underway and will continue to evolve—especially as ecommerce expands and consumer demands increase—and opportunities to optimize network efficiencies, visibility, and customer satisfaction emerge. The line between manufacturing and retail is blurring, adding to supply chain complexity. To stay competitive, companies will need to continue refining their multichannel supply chains and leverage technology. Read More…

How TMS Technology is Helping to Steer Change in the Auto Industry

How TMS Technology is Helping to Steer Change in the Auto Industry

TMS and Automobiles

The flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing logistics landscape on a global scale is a key characteristic of today’s transportation management system (TMS) technology. And there is no better example of this flexibility than applications in the automotive vertical.

A number of major changes are reshaping the auto industry. One of the main changes is a shift toward a localized production model in emerging markets. In an effort to mitigate risk related to currency fluctuations and to locate operations closer to customers—particularly in emerging economies—auto companies are expanding their manufacturing presence in countries such as China and Mexico. Read More…