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Guest Post: Collaboration the Key to Unblocking Megacity Streets?

Guest Post: Collaboration the Key to Unblocking Megacity Streets?


Picture a truck delivering product in a traffic-choked megacity and physical obstacles such as a maze of one-way streets come to mind. But hindrances like these are manifestations of a more fundamental problem: constantly changing traffic regulations.

How do companies overcome regulatory speed bumps in sprawling urban areas where government is highly fragmented and the movement of passenger vehicles often takes precedence over freight flows? Read More…

- Research Director at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics
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Guest Post: In-Kind Donations


Editor’s Note: How to deliver urgently needed supplies in the aftermath of disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes is one of the most difficult challenges facing responders. This guest post, originally written for the*, goes behind the scenes of the Hurricane Sandy relief effort to highlight some transportation challenges that may not be obvious even to seasoned logistics professionals in the commercial sector.

A few days after Superstorm Sandy struck New York, a call came into the city’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) that a woman was on her way into the city with an 18-wheeler full of donations from her church group. She needed to know where to bring her haul. Read More…

- Master's Student in MIT's Technology and Policy Program

Guest Post: A Resolution You Might Want to Consider – Think Big

think big

Here’s a prediction for 2013: something big will happen.

OK, I’m not exactly going out on a limb here, but bear with me.

By “big” I mean a world-scale event such as a natural disaster, a political upheaval, or a technological breakthrough. Unfortunately, the statistics favor the first possibility. Read More…

Guest Post: Learning to Partner with Academia


Whether it’s a burning question that needs to be answered or a gap in your knowledge that has the potential to yield some valuable insights, taking the time to do the research – assuming you have the right resources – is often a tall order. Partnering with academia is one way to get the work done. But how can you make sure that your academic partners will deliver?

There are no standard rules for such engagements, and projects vary widely in terms of their scope, subject matter, and goals. Read More…

- Executive Director, Supply Chain Management Program, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics
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Hot Off the Press


It is difficult to keep pace with technological change, particularly where the relevance of a technology to the logistics business is not immediately obvious. To help you track developments like these we are introducing a series of posts on new technologies, starting with this piece on 3D printing by guest blogger, Ken Cottrill. 

The project team at a US-based fashion apparel company has received approval for the digital design of a new multicolored shoe for women the enterprise plans to launch. At the press of a key, the design data is fed to a 3D printer that begins to “print” a prototype shoe. Simultaneously, a supplier’s 3D printer in China starts the same process. Later that day, the team calls its Chinese supplier to discuss the finished prototype and production of the stylish new model.  Read More…

- Editor / Writer
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