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Case Study: People and Processes Drive Supply Chain Improvements at Honeywell

Managed_services_case_studyIf you have a global supply chain, you likely use technology to help manage and optimize this complex area of your business. While there have been significant advancements in logistics technology, those tools can only go so far in advancing your supply chain.

In order to truly maximize the capabilities of supply chain technology, you need to first have the right talent, processes, and data governance in place. Then you’ll be able to leverage your transportation management system (TMS) to execute, automate, and optimize those processes, as well as gain visibility to business intelligence to drive continuous improvement.

We recently experienced firsthand how a people-plus-technology model, or managed services, can drive operational improvements. Read More…

How to Select an Effective TMS Technology Solution for Your Multichannel Supply Chain

The digital transformation of supply chains is well underway and will continue to evolve—especially as ecommerce expands and consumer demands increase—and opportunities to optimize network efficiencies, visibility, and customer satisfaction emerge. The line between manufacturing and retail is blurring, adding to supply chain complexity. To stay competitive, companies will need to continue refining their multichannel supply chains and leverage technology. Read More…

Key Points for You to Consider in the TMS Procurement Process

There are many reasons a company might be in the market for a transportation management system (TMS). Often at the top of the list is the need for streamlined shipping processes and visibility to all transportation activities in one technology platform. Common supply chain challenges that lead to a TMS purchase include procurement and transportation operations living as two separate functions, lack of visibility to freight movement, and limited control of freight from inbound suppliers.

Regardless of your company’s size or reason for wanting to implement a TMS, there are several key points to remember as you work through this transformative process.

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What Does Your Global Supply Chain Look Like From 30,000 Feet? Map It

What Does Your Global Supply Chain Look Like From 30,000 Feet? Map It

Global Supply Chain 30k

Editor’s Note: In April, Nick Schneider contributed a blog post for Transportfolio®. We’re sharing his original post here because supply chain mapping is always a relevant topic. Please share your thoughts and read the blog post, What Does Your Global Supply Chain Look Like From 30,000 Feet? Map It.

Start wide, go narrow. It’s a good rule for a new outsourcing provider to follow, just as it is for real life. For instance, say I met a man from India at a conference in Europe, and he asked where I was from. I wouldn’t say “Minneapolis” right away. I would say the United States, then Minnesota; if he knew where the state was, I might add the city, Minneapolis. With each clarification, he can better envision exactly where I live, in relationship to the country overall. Read More…

- CSCP – Process Engineer, C.H. Robinson
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The Importance of Change Management to a Successful Transportation Management Outsource

The Importance of Change Management to a Successful Transportation Management Outsource

3 Tips for Successful Trans Mgmt Outsourcing

To fully leverage the benefits of outsourcing transportation management, build a good change management framework, minimize implementation challenges, and plan for the future.

Throughout my career, I have helped customers with change management and process transformation. Initially, that meant implementing large scale systems, such as SAP. As my career progressed, I focused on working with customers who chose to outsource their logistics. I have found that (1) outsourced relationships have a similar impact on a company’s culture and processes as migrating to a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and (2) those who most successfully leverage the benefits of a transportation management outsource have embraced and implemented organizational change management concepts such as these: Read More…

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