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Divided By a Common Language


They are old trading partners but when it comes to freight transportation Europe and the United States can be worlds apart. To be sure, there are many similarities. The Great Recession struck both sides of the Atlantic creating carrier capacity surpluses that drove down freight rates. Now, as the recessionary tide recedes, rates are recovering and there is less excess capacity. Metrics such as fill rates, on-time delivery and cost are equally as important on both sides of the Pond. Read More…

Analytics in Action


In our last post we looked at the cultural barriers that prevent shippers from using advanced transportation management systems (TMS) to reengineer their supply chains, and capture impressive cost savings (Developing a Managed TMS® Culture). This week we consider how you can become a more effective user of high-power TMS technology.

First, let’s take a step back to appreciate what you already have under the hood. Implementing a TMS solution such as Managed TMS® is not a trivial exercise (for more on this see Capturing the Hidden Value of TMS Solutions). And one of the big payoffs is that this carefully planned process equips your organization to perform sophisticated network analyses. Read More…

Swimming Against the Congestion Current


If we could eavesdrop on the freight industry’s water cooler conversations the chances are that we’d hear a lot about traffic congestion. Transportation managers deal with it and talk about it all the time, yet there is one vital aspect of this topic that they tend to overlook: how trucks idled by traffic snarls work against the fuel efficiencies that the industry is working hard to achieve.

More awareness of this conflict and the associated costs might help to persuade the industry to address infrastructure investment needs that are at the root of these delays.  Read More…

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Turning Tacticians into Strategists

analytical task of TMS

As I explained in a previous post (Getting the Most Out of TMS, April 01, 2011), shippers that elevate their transportation management systems (TMS) from tactical to strategic solutions tend to get the most value out of the technology. But making the transition involves more than a mission statement; it requires a level of expertise that tactical personnel often do not possess.  Read More…

Standards Without the Red Tape

Greening of supply chains

A common complaint from time-constrained managers is that they have to comply with too many standards. But an area where there is a strong case for more standardization is in the greening of supply chains.

Supply chain sustainability projects are growing in number and scope. As part of these projects suppliers are expected to provide data on their environmental performance. When multiple customers demand these facts and figures the burden on suppliers can become overwhelming.  Read More…