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Kicks for a Cure

Giving back to the community

Did you know that the American Cancer Society indicates if you are a male your chance of developing any type of cancer is 1 in 2? And if you are a female your chances are 1 in 3? These shocking statistics underline the pervasiveness of this terrible disease. If cancer has not already touched your life or someone you know, the chances are that it will.

Why are we writing about this dreaded disease in a blog about supply chain management and transportation?

TMC, CH. Robinson and the companies we work with are very focused on giving back to the community. Our customers are not just interested in these programs – they are active participants.

We’ve updated the format of our charitable initiatives and are pleased to announce that Greg Olsen of the Chicago Bears and TMC have teamed up to help fight cancer. Yes, I know not all of you are Bear fans and, for many of our overseas friends the NFL is probably just another acronym. But this good cause supports the fight against one of the world’s most debilitating diseases. Cancer has zero respect for national boundaries.

Also, just as we are more than supply chain professionals, Greg is much more than a football player. Together with members of his family, he started Receptions for Research, a foundation that supports the fight against cancer. Greg and his family have been touched by this disease. His mom is a cancer survivor, and through her the family has gained first-hand experience of battling and overcoming the disease.

C.H. Robinson employees are no strangers to the battle, having lost family and friends to cancer. The company’s involvement in the fight includes contributing to a variety of organizations that support cancer research. The C.H. Robinson Foundation recently donated a million dollars to the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota to help build the C.H. Robinson Infusion Center, which is the largest, most comprehensive regional pediatric infusion center in the region. C.H. Robinson also sponsors the MJ Golf Classic, which benefits CureSearch, the world’s largest childhood cancer research organization. And, three years ago, C.H. Robinson created a Pink Ribbon Watermelon program that educates consumers on breast cancer awareness. For every Pink Ribbon Watermelon bin sold to a retailer, C.H. Robinson donates $2 to a breast cancer organization of the retailers choosing.

As part of this multiyear effort, TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson will again host a large-scale kickball event on the Chicago lakefront this summer. The 2010 event, Kicks for a Cure, a large scale kickball tournament, will be held on July 10, 2010 in Grant Park on Chicago’s lakefront to benefit Greg Olson’2013-05-22 19:24:28’s Receptions for Research foundation.

Kickball? Does this really raise a lot of money?

Yes, kickball —the common variety that you played in grade school – can raise a lot of money with the right organization and support.

Still, Kicks for a Cure is no ordinary event. It attracts many hundreds of people to Grant Park where they have a lot of fun in support of this great cause. Make no mistake; this event is not to be missed. In the past six years, it has raised over $750,000 (net) for charitable causes. If you have attended a Kicks for a Cure event in the past, we encourage you to post a comment highlighting your experience.

Getting involved is easy.

1) Get a team together and play. This part is fun and easy. Each team must raise a small amount of money to participate. Don’t be misled; these small amounts add up quickly. To sign up, visit the Kicks for a Cure website.

2) Volunteer your time. Believe it or not, securing individuals to referee games is our biggest challenge. Yet refereeing is a simple and easy way for anyone to contribute, and keep in mind that you might get to referee NFL pros!

3) Donate money to the cause. Every little bit counts.

4) Purchase a day pass. If you don’t want to play but would like to be a spectator, you can purchase an individual day pass or a group of day passes.

5) Donate products. Our players will need juice, water, snacks, etcetera. This event is big enough that it requires a small scale supply chain of its own!

6) Spread the word. Please become a Facebook fan!  Direct friends, family and colleagues to Facebook, YouTube, or the Kicks for a Cure website for support!  Also, Check out the Greg Olsen video on YouTube

If you are interested in participating, please visit the 2010 Kicks for a Cure website for complete details.

If you are interesting in donating products or have additional questions, please contact Andrea Poitrast, Jason Chamberlain, or me, Jordan Kass.

That’s it. Thanks for reading this longer than normal (and certainly off topic) blog! This really is an easy and fun way to spend one day of your life to help fight a disease that could effect all the days of your life.

We hope to see you on Chicago’s lakefront July 10, 2010!

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