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November Market Update: Transportation Industry News

MarketUpdate_ConnectDespite a slower than anticipated peak season, FTR expects that the trucking regulations that will soon take effect will tighten conditions in 2016. Read the November Market Update for more on this and other highlights on key factors that impact the transportation industry in North America. Then, share your thoughts on these topics and other issues that affect your business.

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- Director, Research and Market Intelligence, C.H. Robinson
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Six Ways to Ensure that Your Freight Payment System Runs Smoothly

supply chain talentLast week we explored the advantages of freight payment systems that are managed by an intermediary, such as a third party services provider. In this week’s blog post, we draw on TMC’s experience to look at how shippers and carriers can improve the efficiency of the freight payment process. Read More…

What Factors Impact Carrier Pricing?

What Factors Impact Carrier Pricing?

Factors that impact carrier pricing

Does your business fit into the carrier’s service network? Is your freight ugly or attractive? And how does that impact pricing? One of our recent white papers addresses these questions.

You’ve seen it before. You and your carriers agree on volumes, pricing, and service. You both feel good about the consistency and flexibility you will have, although you know your agreement is not a binding contract. But much can happen in the time that follows, factors that can render these agreements unsustainable. At such times, the better you understand what’s going through the carrier’s mind, the better prepared you will be to understand what could happen next with pricing, and what, if anything, you can do about it. Read More…

- Director of Consulting Services, C.H. Robinson
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Four Critical Steps to Improve On Time Delivery Performance [Infographic]

How to correct missed delivery times

What is the most common cause of on time delivery failures? Transportation-related snafus often get the blame, yet in many cases there is relatively little data on the root causes of missed delivery deadlines. Digging deeper into the issue will help reveal the true cause – and assist in developing the correct solution.

It is everyone’s interest to fix these problems (shippers, carriers, customers). Sub-par performances in this area add cost, lower service levels, and generate unnecessary friction between trading partners. Read More…