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When Should You Fine Carriers for Ignoring Shipment Status Reports?

Transportation Management System

The “Where is my shipment?” query is probably as old as the trucking business, but being able to answer it is more important than ever.

Carriers that persistently fail to update the status of the loads they are moving make it almost impossible for shippers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to answer this question accurately.

What do you do in such a situation?

Deploy the last resort: a financial penalty for not providing these updates.

But it’s important to be thoughtful about how you fine carriers in this way. The aim is to change their behavior – not punish them. Read More…

Improving Inbound: A Three-Phase Plan for Switching to TMS-Based Control: Part 1

Managing inbound freight with a transportation management system

There is an alternative to leaving the management of inbound cargo flows to suppliers: bring it under the umbrella of an in-house or third-party transportation management system (TMS).

In this post we consider the latter route; using a third-party TMS to manage inbound transportation, although many of the principles apply to in-house systems as well.

Why go to the trouble of adding inbound to your TMS workload when suppliers will shoulder the burden? Read More…

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5 Routes to TMS-Powered Load Tendering: Part 2

Freight management and transportation management system technology

Part 2: Modes and Regions

Today’s transportation management system (TMS) technology leverages the power of analytics and automation to improve every aspect of freight operations – including load tendering.

Last week we explained the merits of three tendering methods executed by an advanced TMS: percentage-based, recursive, and deferred acceptance approaches. These options delve into the carrier base to find the optimum group of service providers for your loads. Read More…

5 Routes to TMS-Powered Load Tendering: Part 1

How to make the best use of your carrier base

Part 1: Reaching the Best Carriers

The days when freight managers relied solely on spreadsheets to tender their loads are long gone. In the age of transportation management system (TMS) technology and deep-dive analytics, load tendering has become much more scientific.

These changes have taken place in response to market demands. Increasingly complex supply chains require more sophisticated approaches to selecting service providers. And the approaches have become embedded in the high-level TMS solutions that companies have adopted. Read More…