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Guest Post: The Rewards of Collaborative Supply Chains, Part 2

Guest Post: The Rewards of Collaborative Supply Chains, Part 2


Last week we looked at the three features of collaborative relationships between supply chain partners that, in our experience, are essential to the success of these cross-company groups.

To recap, Miami, FL, based Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC), a purchasing cooperative owned by franchisees of the Subway food outlet chain, and Berry Plastics, a packaging company headquartered in Evansville, IN, have developed a successful partnering arrangement in the logistics space. Read More…

Guest Post: Three Pillars of Effective Supply Chain Collaborations, Part 1

Guest Post: Three Pillars of Effective Supply Chain Collaborations, Part 1


Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Kelly Allen, Berry Plastics Corporation & Cecilia Symanski, IPC.

Supply chain partners can be a vital source of ideas for improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of freight transportation networks. But how do logistics managers establish mutually beneficial, collaborative relationships with their counterparts in customer and supplier organizations? Read More…

8 Ways to Identify Providers That Make it Their Business to Stay Aligned

How do service providers keep pace with customers that are constantly on the move? This must surely be one of the toughest challenges facing suppliers in today’s unpredictable business environment.

The answer, of course, is that service providers must understand where their customers are headed and change accordingly to stay in alignment.

A recent course change TMC has made is to create my new role – Director of Customer Relations. The role has three main areas of focus: to ensure that the appropriate customer relationships as well as the required support are in place, to make certain that we stay aligned with customers’ evolutionary paths, and to help maintain and develop our account management talent. Read More…

Can You Make Logistics Collaboration Work?

Collaborating with other shippers can be beneficial

Collaborating with other shippers to fill empty cargo space is an effective way to cut costs and shrink transportation’s carbon footprint-providing you can identify the right opportunities.

By “right” we mean choosing collaborators that have compatible cultures and IT systems. Their businesses must also provide a viable match; a shipper of food products will find it tough to share truck space with a hazmat specialist, for example. Convincing senior management that you can green the supply chain by allowing an arch competitor to use some of your truck space to deliver product is a difficult sell.  Read More…