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How We’re Building the Supply Chain of the Future with Customers

Globalization is rapidly adding complexity to the supply chain, changing needs of shippers around the world. Supply chain professionals are under pressure to produce more results with less resources. And, the few resources shippers DO have need to be focused on value added tasks like cost savings or performance improvement. These are a few key reasons why shippers need a partner who can provide additional expertise, experience and scale to help efficiently solve their challenges. Read More…

Video: Use TMS Technology to Drive Cost Savings

Transportation Management System

Editor’s Note: On September 10 2013, Ryan Pettit contributed a blog post for C.H. Robinson Blog. We’re sharing his original post here because supply chain technology is always a relevant topic.

If you’ve read some of my other posts on Transportfolio® or Connect, you’re probably familiar with my position on the importance of technology to your supply chain. Simply put, technology can equal cost reduction, if you have a collaborative relationship with your provider to help you use it. Today I’ll be specific and share how a single global technology platform like Navisphere® (that’s ours) helps thousands of customers improve their supply chain. Read More…