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8 Reasons to Leverage the Strategic Power of a TMS

8 Reasons to Leverage the Strategic Power of a TMS

8 reasons to leverage strategic power of tms

As a number of market leaders have shown over recent years, modern supply chains are much more than delivery channels for products.

Today, ultra-efficient, innovative supply chains are an integral part of the competitive strategies that differentiate many successful companies in the marketplace.

Transportation management system (TMS) technology can play an important role in supporting these strategies. And as the technology continues to advance, its strategic potential can only increase. Read More…

Guest Post: Justifying Investments in Risk Avoidance

Transportation savings

How do you put a value on avoiding a problem that seemingly no longer exists because you’ve already spent money on eliminating it?

This is the classic Catch-22 dilemma faced by many corporate security managers when trying to justify further investments in steeling the supply chain against disruptions.

It’s a vexing problem, but there are ways around it.

The obvious conundrum is that hardening the corporation, its processes, and its supply chain requires investment. If nothing happens and no crises materialize, this effort is, in hindsight, deemed to be a waste of money by senior executives. There is some justification if an actual disruption was sidestepped or its impact mitigated. But even then, it is difficult to quantify the benefits of dodging the bullet. Read More…

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