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Don’t Fit Large Shippers into a Square Peg

Don’t Fit Large Shippers into a Square Peg

Points of Disagreement regarding shippers TMS

I recently read an article that did a nice job providing an overview of the choices available to shippers when evaluating transportation management systems (TMS). The article went on to describe how large global shippers approach transportation management. From my perspective this is where the article left readers misinformed.

There are several portions I agreed with; the author provided a solid overview of the different choices available along a clear spectrum from outsourced to self-managed. Read More…

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Should Small Shippers Deprive Themselves of TMS Technology?

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Only large, high-volume shippers with complex freight networks need to invest in a transportation management system (TMS). This is a familiar argument in the logistics industry, but does it hold water?

The answer is yes and no, although the argument is moving more towards the “no” end of the spectrum. Let me explain why.

First, it is true that some small and medium-sized shippers can’t justify a TMS investment. They move relatively few loads infrequently, and don’t need the support of a sophisticated management system. For these players managing the route guide on a spreadsheet and manually sending load tenders, for example, works perfectly well. Read More…

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