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A Call to Action: Make Supply Chain Management a Magnet for Millennials

A Call to Action: Make Supply Chain Management a Magnet for Millennials. Connect by C.H. Robinson


In last week’s blog post I highlighted how there needs to be a cross-functional approach to attracting talented professionals to the company – especially supply chain management, which is facing a talent shortage crisis.
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- Chief Human Resources Officer, C.H. Robinson

Reflections: TMC’s Past and Future

GlobalReflectionThe end of a year provides a natural point of reflection. I think we all take measure of where we’ve been and where we want to go. It has been a while since we’ve written about TMC’s past and future, so I thought I’d take a minute to talk about how and why TMC was founded and what we are excited about going forward.

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- President, Managed Services
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Supply Chains Still Have to Make the Human Connection


It can be difficult to assimilate the sheer number of new technologies and trends that are reshaping supply chains. And as we struggle to keep pace with these innovations, the importance of the human element can be overlooked. Yet the performance of people and how they interrelate remain critical, perhaps more than ever, to the performance of supply chains. Read More…

Switching Rail to a TMS Track

ConnectBlog_IntermodalCan rail shipments be managed by a transportation management system (TMS) in the same way that a TMS handles over the road (OTR) freight traffic?

It’s a question that many shippers ask, and for good reason in this age of integrated freight management systems that can analyze and compare the performance of different transportation modes. Read More…

- Implementation Consultant