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5 Reasons Why You Need a TMS to Build a Resilient Supply Chain

Are you looking to improve visibility, automation, and optimization to achieve a more resilient supply chain? Then a global transportation management system (TMS) should be a key part of your supply chain technology strategy. TMS technology—arguably one of the most important logistics management tools available to companies—can make a major contribution toward creating and enabling a responsive, adaptable, and intelligent global supply chain. Read More…

Building a Business Case for a Transportation Management System

Organizational change management (OCM) and executive alignment are crucial for any transformational project, especially a transportation management system (TMS) project. A TMS implementation touches core business processes across function groups, requires deep enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration, and has an enterprise-wide impact that provides shippers with the answers to advance their business.

To gain internal support for a TMS project, a strong business case is a necessary first step. This helps decision-makers understand how a TMS can deliver business outcomes, when results will be achieved, and the resource investment required. Your business case should highlight how a TMS can benefit enterprise initiatives and impact areas that decision-makers care about.

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Implementing a TMS: Why Communication is a Key Success Factor

TMS-implementationHaving invested in a transportation management system (TMS), you’re looking forward to its implementation. But the term “implementation” doesn’t really capture the full implications of this next step. Implementing a TMS means much more than installing and plugging in a system—the experience is transformative and requires some serious change management resources. Read More…

How to Get the Most Value from a Strategic Onsite Employee

How to Get the Most Value from a Strategic Onsite Employee

strategic onsite employees

When a shipper brings a provider’s strategic resources onsite, faster results can follow. As a provider of Managed TMS®, C.H. Robinson’s TMS + managed services solution, we’ve placed knowledgeable, strategic logistics staff onsite at client locations on many occasions. Recently, we talked to several shippers about the value they see in onsite engagements, and how they’ve managed to reach the positive outcomes they were looking for. We’ve compiled several tips drawn from those conversations to help other shippers prepare for having their provider’s employees onsite.

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