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How Do You Take Your Job to the Next Level? Find the Passion

How you can become enthused about your work

Is logistics just a job or both a job and a passion for you?

This may seem like an odd question, but in fact it’s critical to how you perform as a professional.

On a personal level, people who are passionate about their jobs tend to be more fulfilled and driven to succeed.

The company benefits as well. Logistics has become a lot more complex over the last decade or so, and finding committed practitioners who can excel in the occupation has become increasingly challenging. Highly motivated individuals are more likely to perform well and develop the creative solutions that companies need to compete as market leaders.

How do you become enthused about your work? Here are some pointers that might help you.

Set yourself some goals. Write down a list of career and job objectives and revisit them weekly, monthly, or even annually.

Maintain a reading regime. Logistics is not only more complex than, say, 10 years ago; the pace of change in the profession is frenetic. Keeping up with the latest ideas may seem like an impossible task, but it is much more manageable if you are systematic. Commit to reading/learning one new industry topic a month, for example.

Be a knowledge sponge. Take every opportunity to absorb knowledge about other roles, application, and innovations. In addition to broadening your perspective, learning about developments outside of your area of responsibility increases your chances of finding the activity that that you find exceptionally interesting.

Venture outside your comfort zone. Assignments that force you to stray outside of your sphere of responsibility may be uncomfortable – it is human to be fearful of the unfamiliar – but are wonderful opportunities for you to grow and evolve. Sign up for job rotations and memberships of cross-functional teams if they become available.

Be inquisitive. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and consult leaders when you have a query.

In today’s marketplace individuals and the companies that employ them have to constantly adapt and change to stay competitive. But this challenge can be energizing if you are excited about the role you play in the organization.

Moreover, managers who climb the career ladder and become responsible for teams are more effective leaders if they are genuinely passionate about the job. Not only do their direct reports sense this commitment, customers and suppliers pick up on this quality too.

Staying motivated to develop professionally can be difficult in a fast-paced work environment where day-to-day operational demands fill your time. But a deep interest in the job comes naturally when you find the role that is attuned to your interests.