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Top Posts of 2017: Disruptions, Technology, and Supply Chain Trends

top_blogs_2017Technology and innovation drove many conversations in the global logistics and supply chain industry in 2017. Those topics reigned among the top posts here on Connect, too—as did posts about managing supply chain disruption and global shipping projections. As we hit restart and begin a new year, take a moment to revisit the top posts—and top supply chain trends—of 2017.

The Next Generation of Global Supply Chain Technology Is Here: Navisphere® Vision
As technology continues to change customer demands and increase global supply chain complexity, supply chains need to be smarter, with the ability to predict disruptions and automate corrective action. This post announced our latest technology innovation, Navisphere® Vision, which was built to answer those evolving needs. The post described the journey of how we developed Navisphere Vision, explained its many benefits to shippers, and included a video showing how Microsoft transformed their global supply chain with the tool.

Future of Logistics Takes Center Stage
Autonomous vehicles (AV) were the talk of the Transportation Research Board’s annual meeting, with conversations centered on the ways the technology could dramatically shape the future of logistics. This post highlighted three emerging themes around AV in freight transportation, including the tension between state and federal regulators, the importance of safety in AV trucking, and thoughts about the commercial freight industry leading the adoption of AV technology.

The Truth about Multi-stop in Transportation Management
Do carriers reject multi-stop truckloads more than single-stop, or does it only seem that way? To learn more about this facet of transportation management, we worked with MIT graduate students, asking them to analyze five million truckload and multi-stop truckload tender records in our database. We shared key findings in this post, including three things that increase the cost of multi-stop truckload, and four things that can lower the cost.

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Driving Successful Digital Supply Chain Transformation
It’s an exciting and transformative time in the logistics industry, and digital supply chains are at the forefront of this change. Industry research has found that a large majority of manufacturing and supply chain leaders believe that the digital supply chain will be the predominant model within five years. In this post, we provide three steps and considerations to help shippers unlock the full potential of a digital supply chain.

As 2018 gets underway, our global supply chain experts will continue providing you with insights and best practices on how to advance your global supply chain.

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