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Building a Business Case for a Transportation Management System

Organizational change management (OCM) and executive alignment are crucial for any transformational project, especially a transportation management system (TMS) project. A TMS implementation touches core business processes across function groups, requires deep enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration, and has an enterprise-wide impact that provides shippers with the answers to advance their business.

To gain internal support for a TMS project, a strong business case is a necessary first step. This helps decision-makers understand how a TMS can deliver business outcomes, when results will be achieved, and the resource investment required. Your business case should highlight how a TMS can benefit enterprise initiatives and impact areas that decision-makers care about.

Below are eight valuable benefits and outcomes to include in your TMS business case. Please note that these examples are specifically applicable to a TMS plus managed services model.

Ready to build a TMS business case? Download our guide with additional details on the key TMS benefits to include.