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Why Completing Vendor Surveys has an ROI

TMC_Connect_OnlineSurveyAs usual, your email inbox is crammed with new messages. You scroll down the list. Some items get immediate attention; others, you’ll get to later. Then there are the messages that you skip for the time being, or perhaps forever.

Customer surveys from vendors often fall into the latter category.

But by putting a mental red line through every survey response request, you miss out on opportunities to give vital feedback to suppliers. And that feedback represents one of the most important ways in which these companies improve their services and understand your needs.

We’re in the midst of our biannual TMC Customer Satisfaction Survey, and that is certainly how we view the effort.

Of course, suppliers have a responsibility to make the process as painless and concise as possible. Companies that expect you to donate lots of time every month filling out clumsily designed questionnaires deserve to be shunted into the ether!

In the main, however, suppliers are well aware that their customers are extremely busy. They generally work hard to minimize the time required to complete their surveys, and to space them out as much as possible. We’ve honed the biannual TMC Customer Satisfaction Survey questions to make them both relevant and straightforward for every respondent.

Perhaps you dismiss surveys in the belief that the responses are never acted upon. Rest assured, any credible supplier that wants to keep your business pays close attention to every opinion that you offer. And key survey findings do not sit on a shelf; they are translated into action plans that are implemented and measured.

It’s tempting to treat requests from suppliers for input as “just another survey” that can be passed over. However, these companies want and need your feedback.

The return on your time investment is vendors that are responsive to your needs and services that keep getting better.

- Business Development Manager