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Charitable Giving

Community Involvement & Responsibility

TMC, C.H. Robinson, and the customers we collaborate with believe in giving back to our local communities. For us, this is as much about corporate responsibility as it is culture. Commitment to a philanthropic spirit is something we look for in our own employees as well as the companies we work with.

We actively look for opportunities to support our industry, participate in impactful causes, and instill a sense of civic accountability associated with TMC. Our involvement extends beyond philanthropic donations—we believe in active service.

TMC and C.H. Robinson are committed to the betterment of our communities and we encourage our employees to actively participate in the causes they believe in. From tutoring and mentoring students and serving on charitable boards and advisory committees, to volunteering for disaster relieve and ad hoc fundraising—it all counts in creating the accountable culture we believe in.

Learn more about TMC and C.H. Robinson’s charitable giving here.

Living Lands and Water

Living Land & Waters

For the past several years, TMC and C.H Robinson have been volunteering their time by cleaning Illinois rivers through Living Land & Waters. The organization operates over 150 river cleanups a year and TMC and C.H. Robinson have held events for recycling and responsibly disposing of items found during cleanups.

Learn more about Living Land & Waters here.

Kicks For A Cure

Kicks for a Cure

Since 2003, TMC and C.H. Robinson have hosted a large-scale kickball event on the lakefront in Chicago, Illinois, to increase awareness and raise money for cancer and cardiovascular disease research. Recognized as the largest charity kickball tournament in the world, with over 1,500 participants each year, Kicks for a Cure has raised over $1,500,000 since its initial inception.

Visit the Kicks for a Cure website for complete details.