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Managed TMS® is the combination of our global TMS technology, logistics process management, and consulting services. We provide the technology and supply chain talent required to execute and maximize the software benefits, which allows you to focus on driving new business and future strategies. Our business intelligence tools provide global, regional, and local visibility, and we proactively identify performance gaps to recommend solutions specific to your KPIs and related targets. Through collaboration, we deliver better solutions with sustained savings, improved performance, and increased control.


Navisphere®, our cloud-based technology platform, provides customers with powerful and configurable transportation planning, execution, business intelligence, and freight payment capabilities. We integrate with your systems and supply chain teams to create a configurable solution, allowing for fast and non—disruptive implementations. Using our technology, you maintain continuous visibility, enhanced control, and the ability to instantly exchange financial and shipment information with all your trading partners.


We give you the ability to plug into core processes that are sustainable and repeatable. This allows us to get you to your goals, faster. Pairing our process management with expert talent ensures you realize immediate benefits from our technology. Leveraging preconfigured, high value operations, our experienced logistics experts handle the day-to-day operations of the TMS and management of your freight network, allowing your teams to focus on new and strategic initiatives for your business.


Our consulting services concentrate on three areas of expertise: supply chain engineering, implementation, and operational excellence. We provide supply chain engineering expertise in network design, detailed business intelligence and analytics reporting, procurement strategies, and transportation analysis. Implementation focuses on project management, systems integrations, and innovative process engineering. Operational excellence is the development of ongoing automation in our customers' supply chains. We implement your solutions, train your suppliers and trading partners on our technology, and help design your future logistics processes.-